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You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate

You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate

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Make everyone a little more uncomfortable after a big dinner and a slice of pie for dessert when you bake one up and serve it to them in this cool new You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate. This darkly humorous Pyrex glass pie plate has the macabre message "You've Been Poisoned" etched across the bottom for someone to discover as they're cutting and handing out slices. It's available in either 9" basic or 9.5" deep dish sizes, remains oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, and is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday feasts, family gatherings and reunions, potlucks, dinner parties, pie-baking contests, get well gestures, or... you actually poisoned them! Antidote not included. ๐Ÿฅงโ˜ ๏ธ

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You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
Hail a cab. Point things out. Wear at football games instead of the foam finger. Complete your octopus costume. Gesture to drivers who cut you off. Ruin family photos. Clear out the dance floor. The possibilities are endless.
You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
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You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
When you flip the switch on this mysterious little box, a little finger rises up and switches it back off. That's it! That's all it does! lol
You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
If this makes you laugh, it's probably because you're sinister with a dark sense of humor. Muahahaha!
You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
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You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
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You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
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You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
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You've Been Poisoned - Engraved Glass Pie Plate
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