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Stop And Snack People Feeder

Stop And Snack People Feeder

Stop And Snack People Feeder

Like a bird feeder for people, this cool new Stop And Snack Feeder is an indoor version of the classic backyard feeder that is designed to dispense candy, nuts, seeds, and other small treats for any humans that flock around it. Just fill it up the glass tube with your favorite small snacks and let gravity send them down to the ceramic base for hungry people to grab. Perfect for the holidays, parties, the office, and more. If you're feeling generous, you could also fill it up with peanuts and put it out for the squirrels this winter, who are much more fun to watch than birds.

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  • A conversation starter and hunger ender
  • Inspired by backyard bird feeders
  • Indoor snack dispenser is a fun way to share a variety of people treats
  • Gravity sends sweet or salty snacks down the glass tube and into the ceramic base
  • Put this friendly feeder out at parties, or use it daily to make home or office life more satisfying
  • Size: 10" H x 8" Diameter

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