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Gingerbread Man Mini Waffle Maker

Gingerbread Man Mini Waffle Maker

Gingerbread Man Mini Waffle Maker

This holiday season, now you can bake up a single gingerbread man mini waffle or pancake anytime you wish with this cool new Gingerbread Man Mini Waffle Maker. Just pour in your batter of choice into the nonstick gingerbread man mold, close the lid, bake for a few minutes and, Voila!, out pops a tasty little gingerbread man for you to drown in syrup, tear apart with a fork, and chew up, but do it in a jolly, festive way. Hmm, I wonder if you could bake an actual gingerbread cookie in this thing too? It's worth a shot.

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  • Gingerbread Man Mini Waffle Maker
  • Make this Winter season magical and fun with this adorable waffler iron
  • Make 1 gingerbread man waffle or pancake in just minutes
  • Tiny waffler stands upright for storage
  • Nonstick coating for simple and easy cleanup
  • Includes a recipe book full of different types of waffles
  • Simply fill up the shape with batter and let it bake!
  • Waffle Size: 3.5" T x 2.75" W

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