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Lifesize Skeleton Floor Lamps

Lifesize Skeleton Floor Lamps

Lifesize Skeleton Floor Lamps

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When you combine lighting, design, and the macabre, you get these cool new Philippe - Skeleton Floor Lamps from Zia·Priven. I'm not sure who Philippe was when alive, but his skeleton was the inspiration for the base of this spooky floor lamp and his missing skull replaced with a stylish tapered lampshade. The skeleton itself is finished in either bare bones, polished nickel, bronze, or 24 karat gold and is held together with stainless steel pins, springs, and supports throughout, which allows full-articulation for re-positioning and posing him anyway you wish. Perfect for haunted mansions, doctor's offices, funeral homes, Halloween decor, or just anytime you wish to enjoy beautifully creepy lighting design.

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