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Authentic Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment

Authentic Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment

Authentic Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment

On February 15th, 2013, the people of Earth got lucky. A large, sneaky, and undetected asteroid entered the Earth's atmosphere over Russia at 41,000 mph, becoming a meteor, and then mercifully decided to explode in the air, releasing 20-30 times more energy than the Hiroshima atomic bomb or approximately 440 kilotons of TNT.

As the fragments of the meteor landed (meteorites) in the fresh snowfall surrounding the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, farmers looked for the small holes, collected the fragments, and sold hundreds of pounds to outside collectors before Russian authorities banned the export. The smart people over at ThinkGeek got their hands on some and now you too can enjoy a cool new Authentic Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment of your very own, minus the jaw-dropping explosion and brush with extinction. Check out this VIDEO to relive the fun!

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  • Authentic fragment of the giant russian meteor
  • 20 to 30 gram piece of the meteor that exploded over Russian on 2/15/2013
  • Collected by hand and exported before the Russian export-ban
  • Mounted in a handsome collectors box

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