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Gigantic Garden Gnome Statue

Gigantic Garden Gnome Statue

Gigantic Garden Gnome Statue

If you thought cute garden gnome statues only came in little size, then prepare yourself to meet their king with this cool new Gigantic Garden Gnome Statue. Standing 4 feet tall, this monstrous, over-sized garden gnome is sure to stand out from the crowd of other assorted mini garden gnome statues. It's intricately cast from high quality designer stone resin, hand-painted for extra magical realism, and perfect for adding whimsical decor to your garden, landscaping, deep out in the woods for someone to discover, along a pathway, or just as a majestic centerpiece in the middle of the front lawn for all your neighbors to enjoy too. Best of all, unlike mini garden gnomes, this one won't get snatched up by mischievous pranksters hoping to take photos of it on vacations around the world and it might pass as a passenger in carpool lane in a pinch. Don't do that.

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