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Rich Man's Change Bank

Rich Man's Change Bank

Rich Man's Change Bank

Electronic coin sorters, piggy banks and coffee cans all make fine coin catchers, but are either too much work, too difficult to make a withdrawal or just plain ugly. The cool new Rich Man's Change Bank is the stylish and simple solution to collecting all that extra loose change in your pocket.

This sleek stainless steel money canister features a sloping lid with a hole on top to drop in your money and a window on the side to see exactly how rich you're getting with daily deposits. It's great for kids actually attempting to save their allowances or just a way for you to save up for that yacht you've always wanted! It should pay for itself in no time.

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  • Stainless-steel canister
  • Acetate window
  • Debossed words on side mark progress
  • Lid has a hole and sloping sides
  • Corral coins fast and easy
  • Size: 4" W x 6" H

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