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Royal Sovereign - High-Capacity Digital Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign - High-Capacity Digital Coin Sorter

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I love collecting loose change. I have a giant jar filled with extra change I've collected over the years and I would love to see how much I have to far. Sure I could take it to my bank one day and hopefully they have a coin counter, but I would rather get a heavy duty coin counter of my own that counts and wraps the coins in wrappers so I can feel a little like Scrooge McDuck swimming in my savings. I've had some real cheapo coin counters in the past that always jammed or just broke, so I looked around for a really good one and came across the Royal Sovereign - High-Capacity Digital Coin Sorter. This cool coin counter can hold up to 800 coins in its hopper tray and count and sort at 312 coins per minute. All coins are then deposited right into coin tubes holding coin wrappers that automatically adjust to the next empty tube when one fills up. If you're looking to really count some coins, look no further.

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