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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress

Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress

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Hey commuters! Tired of being stuck in daily traffic jams, being cut off by jerks and minivans, arriving late because of moronic slow drivers, accidents and endless construction, staring at the same red brake lights for 2 hours, trying to dodge swerving women doing their makeup or just having to sit in that same damn car at the crack of dawn again? Well, it's time to control those urges of blood boiling road rage and natural born revenge with the cool stress relieving Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress.

Just grab this little flexible, but firm foam bat the next time you feel your temperature rise and feel free to visciously bash your dashboard, seat and steering wheel until you once again feel relieved and calm. Please don't bash fellow car poolers though.

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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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Dash Basher - Cure For Road Rage and Stress
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