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Gigantic CVS Receipt Scarf

Gigantic CVS Receipt Scarf

Gigantic CVS Receipt Scarf

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If you buy one single thing in a CVS Pharmacy and they ask you if you want the receipt, say no unless you're prepared to stuff a ridiculously overlong paper receipt / modern scroll into your pocket. So if you're feeling cold this winter, these huge CVS receipts might be enough to start a huge roaring fire or you could just wrap this cool new CVS Receipt Scarf around your neck to stay warm and look extra stylish. This fun double-sided scarf is designed to look like an actual huge CVS receipt, except it's somehow way larger, made from super soft fleece, and the coupons printed on the bottom probably won't work. I guess you could just wrap an actual CVS receipt around your neck in a pinch on a chilly night, but this one is way more comfortable.

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