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Sea Urchin Vases

Sea Urchin Vases

Sea Urchin Vases

We've all seen sea urchins in our lifetimes, but how many of you thought, hmm, I really think that lowly sea creature would make a fantastic decorative vase? Well, if you actually thought that, you may be a little weird, but very lucky nontheless, because now you can have a really unique echinoderm inspired Sea Urchin Vase of your very own. These spiny aquatic vases may look like the real thing, but thankfully no sea urchins were harmed to make them. They are made from cast resin and hand-painted with a sun-bleached finish to achieve a very natural lifelike look.



  • sun-bleached finish is hand-applied
  • Small Vase - 11 1/2" Dia. x 5"H.
  • Large Vasse - 14 1/2" Dia. x 7 1/2"H.y
  • These cast resin vases imitate nature in a grand way

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