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Enki Oxygenating Watering Can

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Enki Oxygenating Watering Can

Do you want to grow larger, healthier and stronger plants that bloom faster, appear more vibrant and bear more flowers and fruit? Do you want to to do it naturally without chemicals? Well, now you can with the cool new Enki Oxygenating Watering Can.

This innovative water pitcher adds 5X more oxygen into water than is found in normal tap water through an electrolytic process that dissolves water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. Simply, fill this one-gallon pitcher up with water, plug it in for four minutes and water your plants like normal. The dissolved oxygen in the water mimics the high level of oxygen found in rainwater after a storm. Pretty cool as far as technologically advanced super watering cans go.


  • Enhanced plant growth without chemicals using only added oxygen
  • Electrolytic process dissolves water molecules into their components (oxygen and hydrogen)
  • Brings tap water to 200% of typical oxygen saturation
  • Faster flowering
  • Stronger root systems
  • More flowers and fruit

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