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Doomsday Terrarium

Doomsday Terrarium

Doomsday Terrarium

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After the oceans fill with oil and an errant super-volcanic fireball sets them on fire, don't panic as the skies blacken and the life around you starves off, because you'll still be able to produce fruits and vegetables to munch on as you watch the world burn with this cool new Doomsday Terrarium. This apocalyptic growing kit comes with everything you need (assuming water can still be found) to sustain your hunger during the end of days. Just plant the unique seed packets of sweet peppers, hot peppers, and tomatoes that were bred and designed to produce fruit early and in low light conditions in the terrarium. It can't hurt to have one of these just in case, but just hope that the worst doesn't involve planet evaporating intergalactic space acid, because then it really won't matter.


  • Bred and designed to sustain you in the event of the unforeseeable
  • Produces fruits and vegetables early and in low light conditions
  • 3 packs of vegetables (sweet pepper, hot pepper, and tomato)
  • Large polycarbonite terrarium, Planting medium, Natural gravel

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