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Strawberry Tree - Vertical Hanging Grow Bag

Strawberry Tree - Vertical Hanging Grow Bag

Upside-down, vertical hanging gardens have become all the rage because of their compact design, ease of care and maintenance and outstanding results and I love and recommend the Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter. It will grow strawberries too, but not as well as this cool new dedicated Strawberry Tree - Vertical Hanging Grow Bag.

This unique upright vinyl planter, quickly and easily grows delicious strawberries on your patio, deck and balcony and makes gardening so much more fun when you can water, trim, feed and harvest while standing up. It features a larger soil container for larger root systems and has 15 starburst planting ports that can support up to 30 strawberry plants in one planter. This is a great hanging container gardening solution for strawberry lovers that live in apartments, condos and townhomes, anyone who has limited yard space or just wants to eliminate the hassles of traditional gardening.


  • Quick and easy way to grow strawberries in a small area like patio, deck, balcony or yard
  • Grow, water, trim, feed and harvest while standing
  • Features 15 starburst planting ports - Plant up to 30 strawberry plants in one planter
  • Multi-layered vinyl Strawberry Bag features inside nylon straps that hold all weight
  • Top lid opening for easy feeding and watering
  • Top swivels so that all the ports can capture sunlight
  • Larger soil container allows more room for larger root system
  • Top swivel for rotating bag to capture sun light
  • Strong multi-strain stainless steel hanging wires
  • No more digging, weeding, insects, cutworms, pests and ground fungus
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