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40 oz Brown Paper Bag Cozy

40 oz Brown Paper Bag Cozy

40 oz Brown Paper Bag Cozy

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When urban and suburban worlds collide, products begin to emerge like the cool new 40 oz Brown Bag Cozy. This neoprene insulated sleeve is designed to look like the original and some may still say the best malt liquor cozy in history, the brown paper bag. Simply slip one over your forty to keep it properly chilled, while you stay true to your hardcore gangsta image. It's perfect for enjoying a cold one with the neighbor on a sunny summer afternoon by the picket fence while rapping about grass and hoes, er lawncare, reminiscing about old-school gangsters like the Fonz, the rising costs of gassing up your Escalade and how you're keeping your mind on your money and investing in Smith and Wesson. Yeah that's the ticket or something.

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