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Beehive Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

Beehive Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

Beehive Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

Bring the rich, smoky flavor of cooking in a wood-fire oven to your backyard with the cool new Beehive Wood-Fire Pizza Oven. This double-wall insulated terra-cotta oven reaches baking temperatures up to 900°F and the beehive dome shape helps it to efficiently absorb and radiate heat. To use, simply build a wood fire on the oven floor until it reaches the desired temperature, then push back the hot coals to expose the superheated baking surface. Now you can bake the best crisp-crusted pizzas, rustic breads, juicy meats and vegetables you have ever had. It also features a metal-lined hardwood door for baking at lower temperatures or smoking and includes a two-tiered cooking rack, a metal pizza peel, a metal turner cleaning brush and a protective cover. This is gourmet outdoor cooking at its finest.

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