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Remote-Controlled Floating Pool Tray

Remote-Controlled Floating Pool Tray

Remote-Controlled Floating Pool Tray

Who doesn't enjoy floating around in the pool all afternoon on aa sweltering hot summer day? Now who wants to get up and walk all the way to the fridge to get another beer or soda? It's really too much effort on a beautiful day, Well you could always use the new Remote-Controlled Floating Pool Tray! This little R/C serving tray is seriously too cool for the pool. It features 5 cup holders with a 16 oz. serving bowl in the middle that you drive around pool in any direction with the included remote control. Even better, when you run out of food and drinks again, just drive it to the edge of the pool and call out for a refill. Too bad this thing doesn't have a horn.

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  • Remote Control has 25' range
  • Propels left, right, forward, backward and can rotate 360°
  • Will not capsize in a pool or hot tub
  • 5 drink holders and a 16 oz. center snack bowl

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