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6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur

6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur

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Unlike the velociraptor, a Tyrannosaurus Rex can't be controlled by just holding up your hand... it requires a remote Control! This cool new AirTitans Jurassic World Massive Attack T-Rex R/C is a gigantic six foot long inflatable remote control T-Rex dinosaur that unleashes total prehistoric fury wherever you command it to go. It self-inflates and deflates in only 20 seconds, has a 2.4GHz full function remote control that drives this fearsome dino from up to 100 feet away, plays multiple T-Rex sound effects, stomps, and roars, and has a pre-programmed attack mode that gives control back to the dinosaur. It's the perfect gift for any dinosaur loving kid and also funny pranks and dino battles if you get two of them. Check out the video below to see it in action. ๐Ÿฆ–๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

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Illuminated UFO Night Kite
This cool new UFO Night Kite from HENGDA KITE not only illuminates the darkness as you fly it at night, it also might trigger a wave of panicked flying saucer sightings all across your town.
Stratachute - Parachute Ball Lawn Game
A lawn strategy game where players launch balls into the air with built-in, self-deploying parachutes and hope they land on or closer to the target mat than the opposing team.
AirFort - Inflate a Fort in 30 Seconds
This fun, mess-free Air Fort inflates in only 30 seconds by placing an ordinary box fan on one end and can fit up to 5 kids / adults comfortably inside.
Napa Roll Up Travel Game Set - Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon
The roll up design, suede playing surface, wooden game pieces, and carrying strap make it perfect for vacations, picnics, poolside, camping, backyard, and more.
Estes Astrovision - Digital Video Rocket
This rocket, made by Estes, makers of model rockets for nearly 50 years, provides enthusiasts a view of the rocket's liftoff, flight, and landing from the rocket's point of view thanks to the impact-resistant digital camera in the nose cone.
Decision Making Spinning Tops
Have trouble making decisions? Then let fate and centrifugal force determine your choices when you give these cool new Decision Making Tops a spin.
3D Tiger Head Plush Backpack
A functional backpack combined with a highly detailed plush head of a fearsome tiger or Siberian tiger.
Gyrowheel - Eliminates Training Wheels
This futuristic bicycle wheel has an internal spinning gyroscope that creates a force called gyroscopic precession that helps to keep the bike stable and upright at all speeds as kids learn to safely ride.
Over-the-Door Hanging Storage for Toys, Stuffed Animals, and More
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6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
A realistic, remote controlled crocodile head that skims along the surface of a pool, pond, or lake to scare off pesky birds or unsuspecting people who thought they were safe to go back into the water. Hmm, yeah it's obviously best for hilarious pranks.
6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
It not only brings you and your friends another round of beers, it also protects its precious cargo from thieves with a water cannon.
6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
This jaw-dropping remote control shark stalks its prey through the air with an incredibly smooth and life-like motion that's sure to send friends, family, tourists and office workers fleeing in terror!
6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
I wish they made the Mini R/C R2-D2 Action Figure when I was a kid. This R2-D2 action figure doesn't just sit there like a regular plastic toy when G.I. Joe and the Transformers decide to invade. This mini R2-D2 is remote controlled... by a lightsaber! He can go forward, reverse turn, turn his head, play realistic R2-D2 sound effects and he even has the red LED eye. It's amazing how much technology they crammed into this little R2 unit! Next up I want to see R/C speeder bikes.
6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
Nobody would expect a remote controlled centipede to creepily crawl out from under a couch or bed or just along the wall for others to catch out of the corner of their eye. Let the screaming begin!
6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
The Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy is a cool mini r/c dune buggy that you can drive around your home or backyard. Instead of seats it has two cupholders that can deliver ice-cold beers, sodas and more.
6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
This is the smallest, most stable, and lightest remote control helicopter available. It has two contra-rotating coaxial rotors that use gyroscopic inertia to keep the copter balanced and two micro-motors that spin the rotors at varying speeds, resulting in precise and effortless 360 movement up to a range of 50 feet.
6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
The next time you want to watch content from your mobile devices, forget huddling around a phone or tablet, just summon this little wireless robot to come to you, rise up, and wirelessly project that video onto a wall or ceiling up to 80 inches in size.
6 Foot Long Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex Dinosaur
Forget decorating your haunted home this Halloween with a boring old ghost that's probably hanging up by a string and unleash one on the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters with one that actually floats around and chases them away.

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