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Zubbles - Magic Colored Bubbles

Zubbles - Magic Colored Bubbles

Zubbles - Magic Colored Bubbles

After nearly ten years of research and development, the formula for creating the world's first colored bubbles has been unleashed. For the first time ever, Zubbles - Magic Colored Bubbles can finally be blown in an amazing air-filled spectacle of spectrum. These brilliant, colored bubbles contain patent pending specialty dyes AKA magic, that are non-toxic, non-staining and completely evaporate and disappear, just like disappearing ink, when exposed to air, water or pressure. Zubbles come in a set of two vivid colors, Brilliant Blue and Pixie Pink, and should be enough to entertain your kids, the cat and yourself for hours and hours! Acme Products would be proud.

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  • World's first colored bubbles
  • Non-toxic, non-staining (color evaporates off fabrics and surfaces)
  • 2 Colors: Presto Pink and Blazing Blue
  • Recommended for outdoor use only
  • Size: 4 oz each

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