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WowWee Alive Elvis - Animatronic Singing and Talking Lifesize Bust

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WowWee Alive Elvis - Animatronic Singing and Talking Lifesize Bust

Elvis Presley is Alive! er, well at least his head sort of is. Yes, that's right, Elvis has left the building and is heading straight into your home with the WowWee Alive Elvis. This very realistic animatronic lifesize bust not only sings and talks to you, but looks just like Elvis Presley, with the trademark sideburns, pompadour, facial tics and the '68 Comeback Special leather jacket. This robotic "King of Rock and Roll" sings 8 classic songs, speaks 37 monologues where he talks about his life and career and even has a mode where you can sing a duet with him. The best feature though is definitely the Alive mode, where Elvis uses sensors to detect and track your movement while making some of his famous remarks. This thing is definitely the ultimate cool gift for any Elvis fan, but it just may be the creepiest thing I have seen since the similar Robot Chimp Head!

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