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Cubicaller - The Cubicle Doorbell

Cubicaller - The Cubicle Doorbell

Cubicaller - The Cubicle Doorbell

If you have an office at your workplace, you usually have a door that someone can knock on to get your attention, but what do visitors do if you are stuck in a cubicle? Well, they would use the Cubicaller - Cubicle Doorbell of course. Just attach the Cubicaller with the included double-sided self-adhesive velcro to the outside wall of your cube farm opening and when someone needs to speak with you, they simply press the button, the doorbell chimes (12 different sounds - 3 Volume Settings) and you can now greet them if you wish. This is top-notch smartass workplace fun at its finest.

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  • 12 Different Sounds
    chirping birds, old car horn, ding-dong, sprong, fading laser, knocking on door, fog horn, big band, quack-quack, ring tone, cat meowing and chimes
  • 3 Volume Settings
    Normal (active environments), Soft (less active environments), Personal (very quiet environments)
  • Attaches with included double-sided self-adhesive velcro

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