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Upside-Down Wine Glass

Upside-Down Wine Glass

Upside-Down Wine Glass

Everyone else in the room will believe they're had one too many when they see you sipping wine from this cool new Upside-Down Wine Glass. This double-take-inducing inverted wine glass is filled through and sipped from the base of the stem, which is now on top, and the sealed bowl of the glass is now on the bottom. Best of all, you'll be making less trips to get refills since this novelty wine glass holds half a bottle of wine as well. Bottoms up! Literally.

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  • Upside-Down Wine Glass
  • Traditional top is sealed while the bottom is open and the stem is hollow
  • Extremely satisfying optical illusion
  • The perfect conversation starter at dinner parties
  • Make people do a double-take when they see you drinking
  • Holds half a bottle of wine - 375 ml
  • Made from glass
  • Hand wash only

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