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Minoru 3D Webcam

Minoru 3D Webcam

Minoru 3D Webcam

Webcams have entered the next dimension of reality with the cool new Minoru 3D Webcam. Unlike boring, traditional 2D webcams, the Minoru is the worlds first 3D webcam that uses stereoscopic anaglyphic processing to automatically capture 3D video and images!

Simply connect the Minoru to your PC's USB port and you're ready to broadcast in 3D on your favorite live chat programs, record and upload 3D videos to YouTube or other video sharing sites or take 3D still photos. Viewers will still need to wear those old-fashioned red and cyan 3D glasses to complete the illusion, but thankfully it comes with 5 extra pairs that you can hand out to friends and family. The Minoru can also works as a standard 2D webcam for anyone who doesn't have 3D glasses, so you're covered in either dimension.

Sure, it's not quite the Holodeck yet, but it's definitely a innovative step in the right direction. I bet you could come up with a ton of fun ideas for something like this. Check out the Video section to see some 3D videos examples in action!

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