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Owl 360 - Rear View Bicycle Camera

Owl 360 - Rear View Bicycle Camera

Owl 360 - Rear View Bicycle Camera

Even though there are bike paths and trails seemingly everywhere, cyclists around here still seem to enjoy riding down the middle of the street, sometimes in giant swarms that are hard to pass. Well, the cool new Bicycle Rearview Camera is for them. Just like cars with backup cameras, this unique rear view camera system for bicycles gives cyclists a clear view of the road behind to alert them of angry motorists like me, other cyclists, and more. Just mount the camera to the bike's seat post and the TFT color monitor to the handlebars and enjoy a rear-facing 75° field of view without looking back. It's also a great way to check if your kid in the child seat or trailer behind you has fallen out along the way, hopefully not in traffic... seriously, enjoy your bike anywhere but my lane.

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  • Camera system that mounts to a bicycle for providing a clear view of the road behind
  • Provides a rear-facing 75° field of view ideal for seeing approaching vehicles or other cyclists
  • Camera mounts to a bicycle's seat post, TFT color monitor mounts to handlebars
  • Quick-release mechanism removes the monitor easily from handlebars for charging
  • Circular pattern of red LEDs flash when the camera's built-in sensor detects low-light conditions for visibility to traffic
  • Fully weather- and vibration-resistant
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation from a two-hour charge using the included AC adapter

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