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Webcaster Gun - Creates Realistic Cobwebs

Webcaster Gun - Creates Realistic Cobwebs

Webcaster Gun - Creates Realistic Cobwebs

If you're decorating your home for Halloween this year and need realistic creepy spider webs to complete the effect, the Webcaster Gun is the ultimate professional point and shoot cobweb solution. It's basically a modified glue gun that melts down special glue sticks and then uses compressed air to spin the webs out quickly and easily over walls, furniture, staircases, windows, props or wherever. The cobwebs glow blue when placed under a blacklight, can be casted from as far back as 12 feet away and clean-up with no hassle. It's really the best alternative next to having real spiders crawling all around your home or having to bother the always busy Spider-Man. The only downside is that you will need an optional air compressor to make it work.

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  • Creates realistic cobwebs for Halloween just point and shoot
  • Quickly and easily drape cobwebs over walls, furniture, staircases, windows and props
  • Air compressor is needed to create the spider webbing effect
  • Webs glow blue under a black light
  • No-hassle clean up
  • Fold down metal brackets on bottom of handle and at tip of gun to safely lay gun down
  • Begin casting web 12 feet away, laying down a good layer before moving in closer
  • Use fishing line to provide extra surface for your cobwebs
  • Lower the pressure on your compressor in order to create detailed cobwebs
  • Includes: 1 Webcaster Gun and 6 Clear Webcaster sticks

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