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Illuminated Pool Barstool

Illuminated Pool Barstool

Illuminated Pool Barstool

The cool new Illuminated Pool Barstool is a submersible pool stool that illuminates for nighttime mood lighting. It features a four-color LED array that can be set to flash, fade or lock into a color of your choice, acts like a giant screw that adjusts the seat height from 24" to 36" H, and has a remote to control it poolside. Unfortunately it doesn't include a pool bar to pull it up to.

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  • Submersible stool that illuminates
  • Poolside remote control activates the stool's built-in, waterproof four-color LED array
  • Illuminates the stool for optimal nighttime mood lighting
  • LEDs can be set to flash or fade
  • Hitting the pause button during a fade sets the color at a gradient between two hues
  • Stool anchors itself to the pool's bottom by filling with water when submerged and with an integrated sand reservoir
  • Pedestal is a large screw that adjusts the height of the seat from 24" to 36" H to suit the user's preferred seating height out of the water
  • Removable rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous use from a eight-hour charge using the included AC adapter
  • Built from sturdy UV-resistant polyethylene, the stool can be used in saltwater or chlorinated pool water without fading or damage
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Size: 24" H x 19" Diameter - 14 lbs

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