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Strawz: DIY Drinking Straws

Strawz: DIY Drinking Straws

Strawz: DIY Drinking Straws

Strawz: DIY Drinking Straws by NUOP Design are great fun for kids and adults alike. Strawz is a straw construction set that includes 16 translucent straw pieces and 20 flexible rubber connectors that allow you to make one crazy drinking straw. Some people would probably construct straws that allow them to share or something, but I want to construct a straw that dips into two or more drinks to make one mixed drink, ala Capt'n and Coke. There are also a couple of other uses for these things: crazy spitball shooter and interesting plumbing educator. These things totally make Lincoln Logs look boring.



  • Construct your own fun straw
  • 20 flexible rubber connectors
  • 16 translucent straw pieces
  • Non-Toxic & Dishwasher Safe
  • Share drinks
  • Make mixed drinks
  • Share mixed drinks

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