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Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall

Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall

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This cool new Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler takes the fun of a normal-sized balloon animal dog, scales it up to six feet tall, and adds refreshing water sprayers on the head and tail to help beat the heat during the sweltering dog days of summer. Best of all, you don't need to learn how to creatively twist any balloons into animals and no creepy circus clowns are required for installation. It also includes a handy lawn anchoring kit to help prevent it from getting loose, flying off, and triggering mass UFO sightings from all across the state and a Federal shoot down order just because a surprise summer storm blew in. It's perfect for birthday parties (esp. with someone making actual balloon animals), pool parties, or just anytime it's super hot and you want to run around a huge water spraying inflatable balloon dog in the backyard while frantically giggling and screaming with friends your friends.

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This gigantic inflatable water sprinkler is shaped like a retro rocket ship that stands over 7.5 feet tall and features 360 degrees of water-spraying action from 4 nozzles.
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Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
This fun inflatable snow tube makes it seems as if you're riding atop a blistering fast flaming fireball down the hill.
Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
This amazing water fountain / pachinko machine / Plinko game drips water droplets down a nanotech coated obstacle-laden maze-like slide. As the beads of water fall, the high-tech coating causes them to slide, bounce, scatter, break apart and join back together like mercury does (like the Terminator T-1000).
Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
The ballista was an ancient artillery weapon that looked similar to a crossbow, but was more like a missile for the Greek and Roman Empires. Here's a desktop-sized one for the office.
Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
Genuine piece of freeze-dried sod from the original Yankee Stadium!
Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
This full deck of massive playing cards are 10x the size of the standard ones. This changes everything...
Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
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Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
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Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
Painless, throwable paintballs that can be thrown like a water balloon, but make colorful gooey splats just like if you were shot with a paintball gun.
Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
These robotic lion fish come in a set of two and realistically swim around a pool at night just below the water's surface while blue LEDs in the eyes and fins create ambient illumination.

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