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Vertical Chess Set

Vertical Chess Set

Vertical Chess Set

A traditional horizontal chess board takes up too much space to be left out indefinitely, but this cool new Vertical Chess Set blends right into the decor. This inventive chessboard mounts vertically to the wall and is designed to be played over time as it generates a sense of intrigue and anticipation for players as they wait for the next move to be made. It features eight transparent acrylic shelves that support classic Staunton chess pieces with the white pieces made from boxwood and the black ones made from rosewood. An interesting fusion of leisure, strategy and unique wall art.

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  • Chess set mounts to a wall, allowing games of indefinite length
  • Board is made from cherry veneer, alternately stained and left in its natural color to produce the black and white spaces
  • Eight transparent acrylic shelves support its set of classic Staunton chess pieces
  • Black pieces are made from rosewood, known for its darkly veined grain and stout heft
  • White pieces are made from boxwood, selected for its fine grain and high density
  • Last move marker hangs around a recently promoted pawn-turned-Queen
  • Size: 34" H x 22" W - 22 lbs

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