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Intelli-Trap Mosquito Trap

Intelli-Trap Mosquito Trap

Intelli-Trap Mosquito Trap

Take back the summer from the swarms of mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other flying insect squadrons looking for blood. Before the buzzing, biting and stinging invasion begins, threatening to ruin days and evenings of peaceful outdoor relaxation and leisure, you need to set a perfect trap.

The Intelli-Trap Mosquito Trap is a cool new weapon in the ongoing and unfortunately neverending war on annoying flying insects. In order to attract, trap and eliminate these irritating pests, the Intelli-Trap uses a powerful combination of attractants like heat, CO2 and a safe non-toxic chemical to draw the insects in close, because they mistakenly think it's a human. As they approach, an ultraviolet light disrupts their vision and before they even realize it's a trap, they are sucked in by a powerful fan. Inside a collecting compartment, they soon discover their fate, never to return to the sky, only to die. It can be used indoors or out for a 1000-square-foot coverage area, has a low power consumption and when full, easy to clean.

The flying bug legion may have greater numbers and armed to the teeth with disease-carrying stingers, but they are no longer a threat nor a match for pure merciless human technology.

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  • Eliminate mosquitoes, houseflies, gnats, no see-ums and other insects
  • Uses a powerful combination of attractants: heat, CO2, and a safe chemical to maximize its coverage area
  • Parabolic concaved heating surface
  • Powerful air suction system
  • UV light distorts the vision
  • All-natural, non-toxic mosquito attractant mimics human breath and skin to attract all types of mosquitos
  • Hang it, mount it on a wall, or sit it on the ground or a table
  • Innovative design will not detract from your outdoor decor
  • Covers up to a 1000-square-foot area
  • Trap can be used indoors or out
  • Runs on low power consumption
  • Collecting compartment removes for cleaning - accommodates 5000 biting pests

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