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Fly-Goodbye - Bug Vacuum Gun

Fly-Goodbye - Bug Vacuum Gun

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As I type this, there's a seriously annoying fly buzzing around my desk, trying to evade capture from a very curious and lethal cat. Unfortunately, the kitty is failing her search-and-destroy mission and I'm gonna have to bring out the big guns to deal with this fly, like the cool new Fly-Goodbye - Bug Vacuum Gun

The Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is a devastating weapon in your arsenal against pesky flying insects. When you spot one of those nasty little creatures land, simply slide this pistol out, aim and pull the trigger. The fly will instantly be sucked back up into the gun, forever trapped until you decide its fate!

It works by quickly extending the barrel of the cartridge out while a powerful inward gust of air pulls the fly in. You can load one of two cartridges depending on your level of mercy. The catch-and-release cartridge is a clear cylinder with a built-in magnifying glass for observing your tiny prisoner before releasing it back into the wild and the glue cartridge is a sticky cylinder that holds it permanently. Doesn't this sound like much more fun than wiping it's crushed carcass off your desk after a brutal swatting? Plus, the fun continues if you capture a living fly and release it humanely in someone else's office!

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