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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap

DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap

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The common housefly just might be one of the most annoying creatures on Earth, along with their obnoxious mosquito and gnat buddies. While a bug zapper delivers a quite satisfying sounding electrical vaporization of these flying insect pests, it's not really something you want to listen to endlessly indoors and squishing them with flyswatters and rolled up newspapers is just gross and requires effort. You need a silent killer that never stops killing for you, like this cool new DynaTrap Flylight.

Just plug in this effective flying insect trap and watch as it lures in its prey with impossible to resist ultraviolet light and then traps them, permanently, on a replaceable glue board that can hold hundreds of their friends - no pesticides required. It even features two AC pass-through outlets and two USB ports as well. Perfect for sending flying insect squadrons literally into the light in the kitchen, garage, office, bedroom, and more.

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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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DynaTrap Flylight - Plugin Insect Trap
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