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Bug Jacket with Head Net

Bug Jacket with Head Net

Bug Jacket with Head Net

If you've completely had it (I have) with the endless irritating squadrons of buzzing, biting and stinging insects that declare total war on your body everytime you want to enjoy the great outdoors in peace, then skip the nasty chemical bug sprays and slip into this cool new Bug Jacket with Head Net. This fine mesh netting acts like an impenetrable force field from pesky insects and effectively covers your head, arms, hands and torso, while still allowing excellent visibility and air circulation. Sure you'll look like an idiot standing around in the backyard at some summer BBQ party, but you'll also be the only one who's not covered in smelly bug spray, choking on worthless citronella candle smoke or completely covered in itchy bites. Your move mosquito!

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  • Protect yourself from biting insects with this lightweight insect head net and jacket
  • Fine mesh allows excellent visibility and air circulation
  • Head Net cinches around your neck and shoulders
  • Cinches around the waist and wrists
  • Removable mitts and a zippered hood
  • Best worn with a brimmed hat
  • Unisex sizes: Small (34-36" chest), Medium (38-40" chest), Large (42-44" chest), or X-Large (46-48" chest)

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