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Bug Jacket with Head Net

Bug Jacket with Head Net

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If you've completely had it (I have) with the endless irritating squadrons of buzzing, biting and stinging insects that declare total war on your body everytime you want to enjoy the great outdoors in peace, then skip the nasty chemical bug sprays and slip into this cool new Bug Jacket with Head Net. This fine mesh netting acts like an impenetrable force field from pesky insects and effectively covers your head, arms, hands and torso, while still allowing excellent visibility and air circulation. Sure you'll look like an idiot standing around in the backyard at some summer BBQ party, but you'll also be the only one who's not covered in smelly bug spray, choking on worthless citronella candle smoke or completely covered in itchy bites. Your move mosquito!

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Scare Box Spider Prank
It may seem like a little harmless wooden box at first, but when someone curiously slides open the top... out jumps a wiggly rubber spider!
Hooded Zip Up Mosquito Jacket
Don this somewhat stylish wearable netting and watch as the endless legions of the world's most deadly animal to humans just safely bounces right off you without the need for harmful chemical insect-repellent sprays or noxious citronella candles that never really work.
Bugs Away Yellow Globe String Lights
These festive outdoor string lights use unique yellow glass bulbs that flying insects can't see or be attracted to, unlike white or clear bulbs.
Medieval Bat Castle
Not only does the average bat eat almost 1200 annoying flying insects an hour including mosquitoes, they also help fertilize the ground, spread seeds, and pollinate. They even do it at night, so as not to annoy us humans.
Netsmen Wearable Mosquito Suit
This full body anti-insect jumpsuit is made from breathable and lightweight mesh netting with 1 mm holes that are smaller than any annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes trying to get in.
Netted Cocoon Hammock
Hammocks are a great way to snooze the summer days away, that is until buzzing pests and attack mosquitoes decide to join your slumber. This is the solution.
Prehistoric Insect In Amber
You won't be able to clone any pesky dinosaurs from this prehistoric insect trapped in amber, but you can gaze upon a preserved creature that lived over 23-33 million years ago.
Die Mosquitoes - Citronella Candle
The powerful scent of citronella in this handmade 100% soy wax candle will form an effective defensive shield around you and your guests during its 80+ hour burn time, plus it sends out an appropriate message to the enemy... Die Mosquitoes! Die!
Monogrammed Alligator Flyswatter
The No. 1 Alligator Flyswatter by Colonel Littleton is quite simply stunning, as far as luxury flyswatters go. Great gift for those with general insect intolerance.

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Bug Jacket with Head Net
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Bug Jacket with Head Net
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Bug Jacket with Head Net
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Bug Jacket with Head Net
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Bug Jacket with Head Net
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Bug Jacket with Head Net
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Bug Jacket with Head Net
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Bug Jacket with Head Net
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Bug Jacket with Head Net
Ready! Down! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT!

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