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Husqvarna AutoMower - Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna AutoMower - Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna AutoMower - Robotic Lawn Mower


Want to avoid wasting valuable time endlessly mowing the lawn, blowing out your eardrums with a noisy gas-powered engine, breathing in harmful gas fumes, and looking at varying results every week? Then step into the 21st century and unleash this cool new Husqvarna AutoMower on your lawn. This intelligent robotic lawn mower automatically mows your lawn without supervision, rain or shine, on rough or smooth terrain, and on slopes up to 35% and then goes back to charge itself before going back out again, ad infinitum, for a perfect carpet-like lawn.

This innovative automatic mower produces zero harmful emissions and can maintain a 1/2 acre lawn all by itself while going around obstacles, shutting off if tipped, and charing itself on its base. It features 3 adjustable razor sharp pivoting carbon steel blades mounted on a robust cutting disc system that create small enough clippings that never need to be raked and act as fertilizer to the soil. It's also equipped with an attentive anti-theft system, built-in safety measures, and can even be connected to a smartphone app that gives its current status and allows you to send Start, Stop, and Park commands from anywhere in the world, along with GPS tracking in the even it gets stolen.

Obviously, if you love mowing the lawn for some reason, this robot mower isn't for you, but, personally, I welcome these lawn mowing robot overlords with open arms and a cocktail in hand while enjoying life. Check out the video demonstration below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Manages both mowing and charging automatically
  • Maintains 1/2 acre lawns in any weather, with rough terrain and slopes up to 35%
  • Mower can be adjusted to do a first-class job even on lawns with a complicated shape
  • When it meets an obstacle it stops and redirects itself
  • Equipped with an attentive anti-theft system and built-in safety measures
  • When lifted off the ground or tipped over, cutting automatically shuts off
  • Equipped with 3 sharp pivoting razor blades made of strong carbon steel mounted on a robust cutting disc system
  • When the battery needs recharging the mower returns to the charging station
  • Once charged, it continues mowing around the clock without supervision
  • Cuttings are small enough that you won't need to rake the clippings, adding fertilization back to the soil
  • Smartphone App : Receive current status and send Start, Stop, and Park commands from anywhere in the world - track via GPS
  • Produces no harmful emissions
  • Typical charging time 45 min
  • Typical mow time on one charge 45 min
  • Sound level Measured 60 dB(A)

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