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Everlast Desktop Speed Bag

Everlast Desktop Speed Bag

Everlast Desktop Speed Bag

Ever had one of those bad days at the office when you just want to knockout a few annoying co-workers? It's probably a daily thing for most of us, but there is a cool new solution to vent frustration, the Everlast Desktop Speed Bag.

This rugged speed bag is made by Everlast, the outfitter of champions since 1910, and easily attaches to any smooth surface like your desk, cubicle wall or window with a strong suction cup. When your ears begin to steam, simply unleash your anger on the vintage looking vinyl bag. A solid steel spring realistically rebounds it punch for punch until until you cool off.

It's the perfect fun and functional addition to any office or breakroom and sure beats taking it out on the poor watercooler.

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  • Made by Everlast, outfitter of champions since 1910
  • Desktop training tool has rugged vintage looks
  • Solid steel spring for realistic rebounds
  • Strong suction cup sticks to smooth surfaces
  • Includes pump and inflating needle
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2" diameter - 15"H

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