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Gunslinger Shooting Gallery

Gunslinger Shooting Gallery

Gunslinger Shooting Gallery

Here at Green Head HQ I would love to install a full-size shooting gallery into the breakroom, but I don't think I would be able to get the proper permit for live firearms, so I found a somewhat smaller and safer alternative. Check out this new wireless infrared (w/ 20 foot range!) game called the Gunslinger Shooting Gallery. Simply grab your trusty wireless infrared six-shooter pistol and wait for the bandits to appear in the canyon and start blasting. You need to shoot all three of them three times to win the fight, but beware they are shooting back. Even better, the game plays a cool Spaghetti Western theme song to make the experience even more fun. I gotta get one of these for the office!

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  • Action packed, fast paced, wireless infrared game of skill and reflexes
  • Will test and improve your marksmanship with a twenty foot shooting range
  • Bandits get faster and nastier with each level completed
  • Bandits are interactive, yelling out when hit and taunting when they fire back
  • Features realistic shooting sound effects
  • Spaghetti Western theme song background music

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