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Flexy - Recycled Cardboard Slinky

Flexy - Recycled Cardboard Slinky

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I think everyone on the planet has played with or at least watched a Slinky walk down stairs at some point in their life. I just happen to have the very cool Slinky - Dark Metal Collector's Edition right here on my desk in front of me as I write this (one sec - yep it still makes that slinkity sound!). Well, the metallic Slinky now has some competition from the cool new and eco-friendly Flexy!

The Flexy is made in the USA from recycled, biodegradable cardboard and basically does everything a Slinky can do, well, except for that cool Slinky sound. The only real difference between the two, besides the price, is that when this paper spring makes it to the end of the stairs, it doesn't stand a chance against a vicious slash attack from an evil, pouncing cat! Then you can recycle it again.

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