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Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

The cool new Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock is the latest in seriously irritating and frustrating alarm clocks. This one wakes you up with a NASA-style countdown before launching a rocket somewhere across your bedroom. The chaotic ringing alarm won't shut off until you actually get up out of bed, somehow find the rocket lost in the dark or dragged under the bed by the evil cat and replace it back on the launcher. In addition to a daily rocket launch, this alarm clock is full featured with an easy to use clock, alarm functions, snooze button, backlight and flashing light effects. I wonder what innovative new alarm clock will come out next, a taser might work...

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  • Wake up to NASA style countdown and rocket launch!
  • You MUST find the rocket and put it back on the stand to make the alarm clock stop ringing
  • Easy to use clock and alarm functions, countdown and flashing light effects, rocket launch, snooze function and backlight
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included.)

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