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Coca-Cola Clear

Coca-Cola Clear

Coca-Cola Clear

Not to be outdone by Crystal Pepsi in the 1990s and its limited re-release in the 2010s, Coca-Cola is now going completely clear as well with this cool new Coca-Cola Clear from Japan. While it's not quite just a Coca-Cola minus the food coloring, this unique zero calorie soft drink replaces the traditional caramel flavor with a refreshing lemon juice mix. Available in a case of 6 17 oz bottles, which is just enough to try it and snap a few pics of it for Instagram. Hmm, since we're discussing weird limited edition flavored colas... bring back Pepsi Holiday Spice already!

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  • Coca-Cola Clear is a zero-calorie, lemon-flavored, and completely clear soft drink from Japan
  • Traditional caramel flavor has been replaced with a refreshing lemon juice mix
  • Developed after many carefully tested samples
  • Exclusively available in Japan
  • Zero Calories
  • Case of 6 bottles in the larger 17 fl oz size
  • Ingredients: lemon juice, carbonate, flavoring, acidifier

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