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Jones Soda - Tofurkey And Gravy Soda

Jones Soda - Tofurkey And Gravy Soda

Jones Soda - Tofurkey And Gravy Soda

This Thanksgiving you won't be choking down the traditional Turkey and Gravy Soda, because this year, the fine people at Jones Soda have gone 100% vegetarian and are now serving up Tofurkey And Gravy Soda!

This deliciously disgusting new flavor is the perfect turkey soda alternative for the vegetarian and Vegan crowd who have missed out in the past on this fun, new holiday tradition. Each limited edition gift pack includes three bottles of Tofurkey Soda, three bottles of Jones Zilch Sodas and a collectible metal lunch box to carry them in. Don't worry, the uncanny taste of roasted tofu, stuffing and meatless gravy won't make you sleepy like turkey does.

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