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SnooZzoo Polar Bear Sleeping Bag

SnooZzoo Polar Bear Sleeping Bag

SnooZzoo Polar Bear Sleeping Bag

The problem with ordinary sleeping bags is that you can't walk around in them after sleeping, plus they don't transform you into a gigantic stuffed animal. This cool new SnooZzoo Polar Bear Sleeping Bag is a cozy soft sleeping bag for adults up to 75 inches tall that looks like a huge plush polar bear. The only downside to dressing up like a bear in the woods is crawling out of your tent in the morning and seeing a bunch of real bears who want to meet you. If you do somehow escape the wilderness meet and greet, the polar bear sleeping bag carries like a backpack so you can run much faster back to your vehicle than if you were still in it. Actually, just stay home, slip this on, curl up on the couch and hibernate for a few hours... until your mean house cat decides to pick a fight with a polar bear.

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  • The Coolest Sleeping Bag Ever - A giant plush polar bear!
  • It carries like a backpack
  • Adult SnooZzoo sleeping bags can accommodate a person up to 75 inches tall
  • Size: 78" T

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