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Spooky Fogging Metal Cauldron on Stand

Spooky Fogging Metal Cauldron on Stand

Spooky Fogging Metal Cauldron on Stand

If your haunted home needs a little bubbling cauldron to really help tie a room together during the season of the witch, then check out this cool new Fogging Metal Cauldron from Grandin Road. This spooky hammered metal witch's cauldron rests atop a matching metal stand and has a removable mister inside that generates an eerie morphing color illuminated fog that slowly rolls over the cauldron's rim. No troublesome spells, potions, rituals, concoctions, incantations, enchantments, hexes, demonic dark magic, wicked witchcraft are required to get this cauldron bubbling, just water, preferably distilled. It also doubles as a bewitching candy bowl for serving trick-or-treaters and makes a fun gift to give during the annual witch coven holiday gift exchange deep in the haunted forest on Halloween night. 🧙‍♀️🎃

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  • Metal cauldron prop with fog mechanism
  • Fog lifts from pot in morphing colors
  • Illuminated by morphing colored lights
  • Internal water mister and colored lights
  • Cauldron is made from 100% hammered metal
  • Includes matching metal stand
  • Fill with ordinary tap water
  • Mister plugs into standard outlet
  • Remove mister and use cauldron as a unique candy bucket for trick-or-treat
  • Rests in custom-fit, elevated stand
  • Indoor/covered outdoor versatility
  • Size: 17" H x 16" Diameter - 7 lbs

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