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Chalkboard Vertical Wall Planter

Chalkboard Vertical Wall Planter

Chalkboard Vertical Wall Planter

The cool new Chalkboard Vertical Wall Planter is a decorative and space-saving way to grow and harvest fresh herbs directly on the wall. This unique vertical planter creates a lush living wall of greenery and is framed by a decorative pine frame made by an Amish community in Goshen, Indiana that is finished with a chalkboard paint finish for labelling herbs or just jotting down notes, to-do lists and more. It features an innovative moisture mat that evenly distributes water throughout the ten planting cells and has a collection tray that collects excess water. Perfect for kitchens indoors or for patio walls or fences outdoors.

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  • Vertical wall-mounted planter with 10 planting cells
  • A unique, space-saving way to harvest fresh herbs
  • Add lush greenery to your kitchen or an outdoor area
  • Chalkboard paint finish on border allows you to label the herbs
  • Moisture mat technology ensures even distribution of water throughout cells
  • FSC-certified pine frame is made by an Amish community in Goshen, Indiana
  • Water as needed through the top irrigator - hidden collector tray catches excess runoff
  • Irrigator and collector are made of HDPE recycled with 26% jute and coconut fiber
  • Irrigator holds 1 qt. water
  • Collector tray allows for easy disposal of excess water
  • Simple assembly required. Includes mounting bracket.
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 16" x 5" x 24" H - 11 lbs

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