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3-Tier Oven Baking Rack

3-Tier Oven Baking Rack

3-Tier Oven Baking Rack

Whether it's Thanksgiving dinner or just anytime you'll be cooking up a huge feast for a horde of people, there's never really enough room in the oven to get the turkey along with all the side dishes, casseroles, appetizers, pies, and more all baked at the same time. There is a space-saving solution though. This cool new 3-Tier Oven Baking Rack is a convenient three-tiered oven rack that allows you to bake up to three heavy casserole dishes or pies alongside a large roasting pan. It's constructed from durable chrome-plated steel construction, collapses flat for easy storage, and is dishwasher safe. A great way to make the most efficient use of your oven space and it even doubles as a cooling rack as well.

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