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Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments

Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments

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If you feel there just aren't enough Christmas decorations to satisfy your festive need and you happen to have a beard or hair, then I suggest accessorizing it with this collection of cool new Beardament Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments. Yep, now you can decorate and illuminate your beard or even your hair for the holidays with these tiny clip-on illuminated ornaments. The set includes 16 Beardaments with 3 red lights and 3 green lights, each with on/off switches, and then 3 red, 3 green, 2 silver, and 2 gold non-illuminated original versions. A fun and stylish way to celebrate with your beard at Christmas parties, while out shopping for gifts, shoveling snow, or even while flying all around the world delivering presents on Christmas Eve.

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Lumenplay - Interactive App-Controlled String Lights (16 Million Colors)
Take your overblown decorative spirit to the next level with this expandable string of 12 high tech LED bulbs that can be interactively controlled via a free app to produce over 16 million different colors that can be locked in, set to transition, or put in motion for full blown light show effects.
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Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
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Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
Unlike most plastic accent lighting, these luxurious wooden accent lights are constructed from true teak sustainably harvested from Costa Rica that will weather to a beautiful silver-gray naturally!
Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
Want to feel a little bit extra festive this holiday season? Then forget illuminating your home inside, outside, and all across the lawn with boring itsy bitsy Christmas lights and go big, really big, with these cool new Giant Christmas Bulb String Lights.
Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
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Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
This cool new Mosquito Zapping LED Light Bulb eliminates AKA kills disease-carrying mosquitoes and other annoying flying insect pests with a satisfactory 3,000-volt zap while providing 920 lumens of energy saving soft white light.
Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
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Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
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Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
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Beardaments Lights - Light Up Beard Ornaments
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