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Amazing Instant Snow - Just Add Water w/ Video Demo

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Amazing Instant Snow - Just Add Water w/ Video Demo

Green Head Headquarters here in Chicago is now basically buried in snow after last night's crazy snow storm. I like snow, but geez. I know a lot of you readers out there have never seen snow and are completely jealous of our great luck here, well you now have a chance. Check out this really cool Insta-Snow Powder(Watch the Video Demo Below). Insta-Snow is a non-toxic water-absorbing polymer powder that expands instantly up to 100 times its size in seconds when water is added. It looks just like the real thing only warmer and please don't eat it! I guess if you bought enough, you cover your whole lawn...or a great prank on your neighbor's.


  • White powder erupts into snow
  • Spritz with water - lasts for weeks
  • Reusable - Just allow to dehydrate
  • Non-hazardous and environmentally safe
  • Used by movie studios - looks real!!
  • Explore the science of water-absorbing polymers
  • Great science project ideas

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