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Giant Outdoor Lighted Christmas Ornament Lawn Stakes

Giant Outdoor Lighted Christmas Ornament Lawn Stakes

Giant Outdoor Lighted Christmas Ornament Lawn Stakes

When you want the highly popular Massive Outdoor Lighted Ornaments on your front lawn, but don't have any room to store them the rest of the year, these cool new Oversized Lighted Christmas Ornament Stakes make a much thinner alternative. These giant outdoor lighted Christmas ornament lawn stakes are crafted from laser-cut metal and have LEDs within that beautifully illuminate out through the ornament's painted film and decorative cutouts. They run on batteries, have built-in timers for 6 hours on and 18 hours off, and have double ground stakes for extra stability in flowerbeds or the garden, flanking pathways or driveways, or just scattered randomly around your lawn like true lawn ornaments. They come in a set of two in either Gold Snowflake or Red Poinsettia colors.

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  • Set of two Oversized Lighted Christmas Ornament Garden Stakes
  • Lighted lawn stakes look like gigantic Christmas tree ornaments
  • Make a festive holiday statement in your yard or garden
  • A unique and elegant outdoor decoration for the holiday season
  • Highly detailed, laser-cut metal ornaments are a new and unique way to brighten your yard
  • You'll love the festive colors and intricate designs by day, but at night they really shine
  • Battery-operated LED lights shine beautifully through the painted film and cutouts
  • Truly eye-catching even from the street
  • Double ground stakes for extra stability in a flowerbed, lawn, or garden
  • Timer: Stays on for 6 hours and is off for 18 hours
  • Takes 3 AA batteries, not included
  • Perfect for flanking a driveway, walking path, or near front porch stairs
  • Stand nearly 3' Tall
  • Colors: Gold Snowflake or Red Poinsettia
  • Size: 10.5" W x 34.25" H

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