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Little ELF Wrapping Paper Cutter

Little ELF Wrapping Paper Cutter

Little ELF Wrapping Paper Cutter


The absolute best way to get gifts wrapped is simply to get someone else to do it, but if you must do this horrendous chore, this cool new Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter is a very handy tool to make the task a bit more easy. Just slip it over the end of a wrapping paper roll, pull the paper through the opening, measure, and then give it a gentle push to make a perfectly straight and smooth cut. It just might be the fastest, most efficient, safest, and easiest wrapping paper cutting tool ever and it won't go missing like the scissors all seem to do. It also works on other rolled papers like vinyl and craft paper and helps to prevent the entire roll from unravelling and/or rolling off the table as well. Unfortunately, you'll still measure the gift wrong, have to wrap an unusual shape, and then your cat will come in and shred all your hard work... Anyways, check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

Pairs nicely with this One-Handed, Clip-On Tape Dispenser that won't disappear on you either.

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  • 2 Pack of the ORIGINAL Patent Pending Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter
  • The fastest and most efficient, safe, and easy tool for cutting wrapping paper
  • Also a great tool for cutting vinyl, craft paper, and other rolled paper application
  • Using the traditional and outdated method of cutting with scissors anyways leaves the paper either jagged, ripped, or crooked
  • ELF always cuts straight and will make you feel great
  • Keeps your rolls from unraveling or falling off the table
  • Slide Little ELF over one end of the paper roll, Pull paper through the device opening, Measure the paper to the desired length, Gently push
  • Designed specifically for keeping users safe
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A

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