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Massive Outdoor Lighted Christmas Ornaments

Massive Outdoor Lighted Christmas Ornaments

Massive Outdoor Lighted Christmas Ornaments

When it comes to outdoor holiday decorations, bigger always feels so much more satisfying, which is why you need to check out these massive new Outdoor Lighted Christmas Ornaments. These huge decorative outdoor ornaments look fun and festive during the day, but create a spectacular display of everchanging fiber-optic illumination at night. There are three different sizes of immensity to choose from, but choose wisely, because you have to store them somewhere the rest of the year.

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  • 3 huge sizes and colors - blue, green, red
  • Everchanging fiber-optic lights create a spectacular night display
  • Immense size creates a stunning visual impact all day
  • Nonfading colors enables use for years to come
  • Low-voltage bulbs conserve energy
  • Extra-long power cords allow for easy placement
  • Blue Ornament: 20-1.2" dia. x 22" H
  • Green Ornament: 25-1/2" dia. x 28-1/2" H
  • Red Ornament: 31-1/2" dia. x 33-1/2" H

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