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Giant Rotating Inflatable Christmas Tree

Giant Rotating Inflatable Christmas Tree

Giant Rotating Inflatable Christmas Tree


Looking for the simplest illuminated Christmas tree to setup inside your home or outside on the front lawn that also rotates to show off the ornaments? Then check out this cool new Airblown Rotating Inflatable Christmas Tree from Gemmy. This massive 10.5 foot tall inflatable Christmas tree slowly rotates 360 degrees in one direction and then reverses to rotate back in the other direction and has internal LED lighting to stand out at night. It includes stakes and tethers to secure it outdoors, but I think it would be kind of more cool indoors. Again, a fun and festive inflatable Christmas tree is sooo much easier than cutting down a perfectly fine tree to put it in your living room for a few weeks until it dies and gets tossed into a landfill and is so much easier to compactly store afterwards than a giant artificial one, neither of which can even rotate. Check out this VIDEO to see one in action.

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  • Delight guests and passersby with a Rotating Airblown Inflatable Christmas Tree!
  • Rotating Airblown Inflatable Christmas Tree lights up and delivers an engaging, dynamic display
  • Christmas tree rotates 360° in one direction then reverses to rotate 350° in the other direction
  • It's also perfect as an indoor Christmas decoration at home or for parties and celebrations.
  • Includes: Airblown Inflatable, base, spiral ground stakes, tether poles,, tethers and screws
  • Size: 10.5' T

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